There are not many things that withstand the test of time and you may have thought that mullets are definitely not one of them. But you’re wrong. There’s even an annual festival called "Mulletfest" in Kurri Kurri, Australia dedicated to honoring these hairstyles. London-based photographer Craig Gibson traveled there to photograph the best of the 2020 contestants.

"I'd seen the festival online and researched it by watching various YouTube videos and following hashtags and then I just decided to book a flight and go. The festival seemed quite loud, but I wanted to make something a bit quieter and fashion-based,” the photographer says to Bored Panda.

In his series "Kentucky Waterfalls," he captures some of the faces of the competition of all ages from all over the world. His aim was to capture a more intimate side of the event and its attendees, so he chose to wander around and ask people whether they would like to take an interesting portrait. Here are the best photos that he captured there.

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