There’s nothing worse than finally getting to that movie you’ve waited so long for, only for the experience to be diminished by the rude people around you chomping loudly on their chips, chatting to their friends, and constantly checking their phones. Sometimes you just wish there were a little order, a little more respect. Some ground rules maybe.

Perhaps this guy can help. Taken from a funny tweet from a guy named Stanley T, this is the story of an unnamed Avengers mega-fan who did the chivalrous thing and asked his girlfriend first if she wanted to go with him on a movie date to see Infinity War. “Yes dear,” was her reply.

And that’s where the chivalry needed for a perfect date ended. Now, it’s perfectly understandable and acceptable to make it clear that going to see this Avengers movie is an important event and politely ask for a little peace. But Avengers mega-fan really takes the piss on this one. He proceeds to list in no uncertain terms his ‘ground rules’ to poor girlfriend, to the extent that it becomes unclear if he can really be serious or not. We are hoping not. Sheesh, it’s just a frickin movie, bro…

Scroll down to see his hilariously specific demands for the screening of a movie premiere below, and let us know what you think in the comments. Are these ground rules acceptable? Or is he just being a diva and a douchebag? Join the discussion!

People were quick to get behind this idea

But not everybody felt the same way