Fire Water is a new independent film written by David B. Johnson. It’s a story of two Jakes and alcoholism. “I feel that there have been many movies about alcoholism and self-introspection, but not many about the middle-of-the-road drinkers,” Johnson said. “There are plenty of people out there who have one too many drinks once in awhile, but that doesn’t necessary make them an alcoholic. But what if drunks had opportunity to actually see how bad they are from the outside perspective?” The movie shot by international crew. Director of photography is cinematographer Konstantin Frolov from Russia, Assistant director is Brandon Lee from the Gold coast of Australia, Keline Kanoui is a producer from Geneva, Switzerland. Konstantin Frolov met Johnson couple years ago. They’ve done several projects together and became good friends. When Johnson showed him the script for “Fire Water”, he liked the story and he was also excited about coming to Texas. “That’s going to be an amazing movie” Frolov said. The best part of the movie and what everybody excited is a car crash and a fighting scene. The movie release date is January 31st, 2016 in LA. And it’s going to be distributed in Texas next year also.

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Cinematographer Konstantin Frolov, director David B. Johnson and gaffer Alejandro Talens are working on a cool shot.

Ken DeZarn in the movie

To drink or not to drink