Have you ever wondered what would happen if Ace Ventura and The Joker were in one movie? What about Deadpool and Vincent Vega teaming up? No? Well, this Hungarian artist has, and he created these funny edits to show us what that would look like.

Pixelfaker takes characters that we all know and love and places them into movies and TV shows they really don't belong in—by doing that, he creates amazing scenes that look hilarious. Most of us would probably want to see half of these movies or shows.

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We asked the artist what inspires him to create these edits: "It’s seeing how characters look like when they swap places with other characters or are placed in scenes they don't belong in." He mentioned that the edits don't take long to come to life as long as you have a good idea and you know what you're doing.

Pixelfaker works as a freelance graphics artist, so his journey to creating these funny edits started there. He enjoys reading books and anything creative. He didn't want to share more details about his life, because he likes to remain mysterious. Pixelfaker also didn't want to share the creative process behind these edits, because he believes the end result is what's important.

"My favorite thing about art is when ideas come one after the other. Wings of fantasy, I like to call them. And my least favorite part is when I have no ideas. Then I have to stop and do something else. I never do anything by force"

Pixelfaker says that he is planning to evolve his work and explore other universes. He believes that people enjoy his edits and want to continue making them. He also said that he enjoys doing these edits, he wouldn't continue otherwise.

The artist shared this quote with us: "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see" - Edgar Degas

What do you think of these edits? Which universes would you like to see merge together? Tell us in the comments and vote for your favorite one!

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