David and Sarah, a couple from the UK, are recreating famous movie scenes together with their cats and it couldn't get any funnier! They have two cats who are almost identical named Willow and Tara, but Tara stars in most of their pictures. "We started doing it as a picture question in our pub quiz's film/TV round, and it went down really well so we made it a regular thing," - the couple told The Dodo.

"The cats clearly think we're weird. It can be a challenge to get [the cats] to cooperate, but they get lots of treats so that tends to win them over to our nonsense," Sarah and David told LoveMeow.

The good news for the movie and feline lovers is that there's more pictures to come! "We're going to keep making them. It's a hilarious way to spend a Sunday!"

More info: Instagram (h/t: lovemeow)

#1 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Universal Pictures , Movie Cats Report

Hans 2 years ago

The faces of both are priceless.

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#2 Alien


20th Century Fox , Movie Cats Report

Amanda Panda 2 years ago

"Surprise Mother F***er!" - cat

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#3 Ghost


Paramount Pictures , Movie Cats Report

Cesi Baca 2 years ago

Lol!! This is just the best. He has a really great sense of humor!

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#4 The Shining

The Shining

Warner Bros. , Movie Cats Report

AcousticGString 2 years ago

Heeeeerrrre's JOHNNY!

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#5 American Beauty

American Beauty

DreamWorks Pictures , Movie Cats Report

Lulu te 2 years ago

So much better than the original one!:)

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