If you have a mustache, you would probably understand how inconvenient facial hair can be when one is trying to eat or drink something.

To solve the problem of mustaches getting soggy with food and drinks, Sweden-based ODD Company has created a modern version of the mustache shield that dates back to the 1890s. Named ‘The Stache Shield’, this simple but functional device would keep your mustache clean and dry at meal-times and when you are having a drink at the bar.

Consisting of a metal plate that hangs on a string, which could be worn around the neck, this would keep bearded men looking manly and well-groomed at all times.

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Why the sad face?

Wear it around your head and look really awesome.

Use the Stache Shield with coffee…

…or with a nice Italian dish.

Drink that beer and stay dry.

A green thick smoothie needs protection.

It fits on almost any beer glass or coffee cup.

When you’re not using it, wear it as a pretty necklace.

…or in the included pouch.