Look, everyone has bad days, everyone has their own struggles, and there are moments when everyone thinks of giving up. But also, everyone deserves a nudge in the right direction, some advice and wisdom, and some encouragement. There's no shame in getting inspired by others, and we need some motivation to draw from time to time.

And the illustrations of "Success Pictures," the Instagram account with over 710k followers, are just about that. They focus on positive affirmation and inspire people to keep pushing through and achieve hard-earned and well-deserved success. Some of them give some useful advice or even wisdom, and some of them just remind us about the realities of life. Whatever it is, the key message is simple—never give up and persevere!

But not all of the illustrations are only about positive thinking. Some of them provide a critique of our society and its ills and remind us about what's really important (spoiler: it's not the likes or the money). The author reminds people about being compassionate and generous towards other people, as you may never know what they're going through, or that you won't end up in their place. Here and there, you can find some profound ideas hidden behind simply illustrated imagery.

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All in all, there's much to like about them, and there are lots of great ideas to get inspired by. Whatever it is, let's hope it'll help you get through a rough day, or achieve your own goals. It may not be as easy as it may seem, and life is definitely more nuanced than the illustrations might portray, but they still provide an insight that someone may desperately need. In other words, they may not be the end goal, but they won't steer you away from the right path.

The illustrations aren't the only thing that's motivational. The success of "Success pictures" is inspiring in and of itself: the illustrations are liked by millions of people, so it's safe to say they're very effective in sharing positive thinking between each other. And what's not to like about them? They're simple and get the message across easily. Follow the Instagram account if you like them so you'll never run out of positive thoughts and motivation. Cheers!

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