The quarantine lockdown has been quite a challenge for parents all around the world. You either know someone – or are that someone – who, instead of binge-watching Tiger King in one night, been binge-watching kids all through the quarantine. I am not an exception.

Our family with two kids locked down in a country house and like everyone else tried to take advantage of it and spend more time in nature, so that's how secret adventures of toys project started.

Watching kids I noticed how they are able to create visual images in their minds while playing and how the toys came to life in their hands. So, I tried to capture those images with my camera and found the new perspective (quite literally, actually) of the situation and looked at the world in a way my kids do daily. It started as a fun game for me and my kids to create these little stories, by searching perfect locations. And so, the patch of land became a desert, young grass turned to the jungle, anthill for us looked like a battlefield. All the toys came to life.

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