I recently posted a little about Chataro, who came to us a broken stray barely clinging to life. The response to that post was so positive that I thought I might add to his story some. The previous post didn’t do justice to either his terrible condition or his remarkable transformation, so here are a few shots to try to rectify that.

Even though Cha looks awful in the ‘before’ shot, it was actually taken a couple of weeks into his recovery

Most of his hair fell out in the first month, but it grew back – and then some

23 days after rescue day, and he was almost bald

30 days in we gave him a little blue cushion, which seemed to give him real comfort

Day 39, the first day he came out of the cage voluntarily. It took him a few more days to understand the concepts of toys and play

Day 43, still underweight, but gaining confidence quickly and wanting to play

Day 47 and the yellow basket he fell in love with. Couldn’t get him out of it for days

Day 55 and he graduated to chairs

Day 59 with the next big discovery – catnip scratchboards. That was a fun day

Day 64 had Chataro looking and acting like nothing bad ever happened to him

The rest of the shots are of Chataro being Chataro, my lovely golden man

So that’s another episode of Chataro’s journey from totally dependent to total fluffy doofus