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I Create Ceramic Dolls Inspired By Vintage Figurines
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Art5 years ago

I Create Ceramic Dolls Inspired By Vintage Figurines

Hello and welcome to my wonderful world of whimsy!

My name is Fugi Naim. I am a mother of two, I live and work in a secluded and beautiful village in the Judean Hills on the outskirts of Jerusalem, Israel.

Art is my life and has been for as long as I can remember.

I have always dabbled in all kinds of art and crafts, creating, inventing and inspiring. What has always fascinated me the most were dolls and figurines.

As a child, I spent a lot of time at my grandparent’s home with all kinds of collectible dolls and art pieces from around the world surrounding me. My favorite was their glass cabinet collection, which was packed with dolls, figurines and ornaments.

Over the years, I’ve created a large number of dolls in various styles, shapes and materials. About 3 years ago something wonderful happened, I received a ceramic oven as a gift. The moment I began working with clay, I knew I found my new creative home. A whole new and exciting world was opened to me, allowing my creativity to enter areas it never did before.

At first, I started making flat elements mainly for mosaic, than I began making parts of dolls, creating a complete doll was only a matter of time…

The first doll’s I created were based on old dolls from my private collection. As time passed, I found rare old dolls which inspired me to bring them back to life in a new forms, recreating, inventing, adding my own unique touch and feel to each doll.

The idea behind my work is the use of existing dolls – old vintage dolls that are not being produced anymore today. I choose the doll and make a plaster mold of it, then I pour liquid clay into it. When it has hardened, I take the doll made of clay from the mold, Then I sculpt and paint the doll, adding details to make it special and different – my own.

My creations, include burning the clay in high temperatures, drawing, painting and glazing. Together, they bring me to a state where I feel safe, complete and very creative.

These days, my Etsy shop allows me to focus on making dolls that are based on the adorable vintage Sun Rubber Co. dolls, a collection close to my heart.

More info: Etsy


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