Paulo Victor Graner is a 15-year-old Wacom wunderkind who draws in his spare time (when he’s not at school). For the past four months, Paulo has been hard at work on his first collection of digital paintings — a series of images called Monster Hierarchy. Drawn on his Wacom Cintiq, these digital paintings tell a story of feuding monsters, and Paulo even included a map of the hierarchical structure.

“I don’t know how the history of Monster Hierarchy came into my mind,” Paulo says. “I like to draw creatures so I drew a creature but this one happened to be a king, so I got this idea of kings and feudalism. Then I remembered that feudalism was based on a hierarchy system, so I joined my passion of drawing monsters with a hierarchy system.”

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Hell Hound

These demons’ dogs are the pets of Judgers, Hell Hounds wander through the spiritual world looking for Wanderer Souls, they take them to the Judger for it to balance the soul and decide whether the soul stays on the spiritual world or not.


“On Igra those are the masters of knowledge, this ancient species live hundreds of years. They serve the Kings as a consultant with important decision. These giant ancient beings are kept inside the castles as close as possible to the Kings.”

Lion Toad

The one who keeps the toad’s eggs safe. Lion Toads are a very important creature for the well being of the massive number of Toads.


This is the creator of the universe. A sneeze was enough to take everything into existence. Contrary to many beliefs he’s a child and he is the most curious creature in the universe, he loves to interact with his own creation. Also contrary to many beliefs not him but his daughters are the ones that actually control the equilibrium of the universe, he just wanders around playing with things, time, space and people.


“Bogs are pretty useful; they are a living tool. They can pull, push, carry, hunt or be your hunt. Normally when there is a Feeder to be killed they are the chosen one to do the task.”


The first daughter of the creator, she is the one that creates and fix things throughout the universe.


“Ogegies are the rulers of the kingdoms, the Kings! Always born in pairs, one is the War head while the other is the Reason head.”

Devouring Lion

This is the most massive creature on the world of Igra, the king of depth. An adult of this humongous creature is at least twice the heigth of any other creature, such massive proportions makes this the most powerful living being of Igra. One of this creatures long ago was an arrongant leader, so arrongant that it started a war with the ground population of Igra, thus starting the ancient WaterGround War, a war that is kept alive to these days.

Wanderer Soul

This ghost floats around the spiritual world avoiding Hell Hounds. Various times this souls connect to the phycal world and tell the future to Xamas.


“Judgers have the last world, they balance your soul, if you get a good soul you are granted the life on the spiritual world, if not you are punished by reincarnating as a new form of life in the physical world.”


Feeders! The best choice for your lunch meat. The one-and-only purpose of those creatures is to fill up your stomach when you’re hungry (can feed up to 300 laborers).

Xama Of The Depth

This is the worst type of Xama, it’s communication is based on talking directly to the Judger, something that cost a lot more than just talking to souls. The price of this communication? Lives! These Xamas kill and stock souls on their caves to later talks with Judgers. They are the consultants for the Devouring Lions.

Super Myth Frog

“A rare subspecies of Toads, they are more aggressive, brutal and merciless than your average Toad. Super Frogs became a myth in Igra by their enormous fury and rarity.”

Sea Citizen

The creatures in the biggest number underwater, these are the base population of Igra’s water realm.

Kings’ Acolyte

“The war screamer, they are the Kings’ right and left arm. Its miserable condition by the kings side made the name of this species to be forgotten long ago.”

The Good, The Evil And The King


Many belive that this gingantic creature is the physical manifestation of the gods, there is no one who dares it’s destruction power. Truly this are the Judger’s chaos pupets, used to vanish lives. When you get to see it far away on the horizon, run, run as fast as you can, you may not survive from the Colossal strength!


These are the guards of the seas, these floating monsters surround the water cities to protect them from attacks of the WaterGround War, a war caused by the arrogance of a Devouring Lion.

Map Of Character Hierarchy

“This is a rough visual explanation of how the hierarchy system works in Monster Hierarchy.”

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