Losing a phone is quite an awful experience. Not only are you now somewhat disconnected from the rest of the world and your routine is compromised, but you’re also having that near-heart attack feeling worrying about who might get their hands on all of your precious photos and videos (and memes, don’t forget your precious memes).

Now, what if your phone somehow gets lost and finds itself in the hands of a monkey? This is exactly what happened to Zackryds Rodzi, a 20-year-old senior year computer science student from Batu Pahat, Johor.

When it comes to stealing phones, you wouldn’t naturally expect a monkey to do it!

Image credits: Zackryds Rodzi

So, Zackryds, with whom Bored Panda got in touch, woke up one Saturday morning and noticed that his phone was missing. He couldn’t find it anywhere and began suspecting that he might have simply lost it as there were no signs of a robbery or anything.

This led to the next logical step—to try and call his phone. Upon calling the phone, he started hearing a ringing coming from the jungle near his house. So he followed the sound and, sure enough, found his now-dirty phone buried in a pile of palm tree leaves.

Zackryds did note that his dad saw a monkey outside their house at one moment that morning, so that might have been it, but Zack was skeptical: “I didn’t suspect a monkey would steal my phone since I’ve never seen a monkey around my house the entire time I lived here.”

Well, this one did, and it took selfies, as explained by Zackryds Rodzi, the person who’s phone this was

Image credits: Zackryds Rodzi

Zack first noticed his phone is missing when he couldn’t find it anywhere one Saturday morning

Image credits: Zackryds Rodzi

His relative also jokingly pointed out that there might be photos on the phone or some other evidence that would explain how the phone found itself in the jungle. After a glance at the gallery, he found a bunch of photos and videos of the culprit—the mischievous monkey seen by his dad earlier.

You see, there are many places around the world where monkeys live near or in urban areas such as this, but Zackryds did clarify that there were no instances of monkeys ever being seen, let alone stealing from people, in his neighborhood. It must have entered the house through his brother’s open bedroom window.

“I was shocked to find my phone misplaced and a bit broken. At first, I was mad about it, but as soon as I opened up the gallery, I started laughing. It was hilarious,” said Zackryds.

Zackryds’ dad did noticed a suspicious monkey in the morning—a rare sight in the neighborhood

Image credits: Zackryds Rodzi

Zack wound up finding the phone in the jungle behind his backyard—a bit broken as seen in the photo below because the monkey tried to chew on it several times

Image credits: Zackryds Rodzi

There were a handful of photos as well as some videos of the monkey trying to figure out how phones work. One of these videos soon found its way to the internet via Zack’s Twitter, where it went viral. Besides the various social media it found itself on, it also made headlines in the local as well as global media.

Among the myriad of various random photos and videos the monkey took, the student also noticed that there was one photo that stood out—a scenic shot of some palm tree leaves that grow in the nearby jungle. It looked quite professional—like the monkey knew what it was doing. Either that, or it was pure luck. Regardless, it’s a nice photo!

Among the many random selfies, the monkey did manage to take one professional looking photo (below)

Image credits: Zackryds Rodzi

Zack shared the now famous photos and video on Twitter where it went viral

“Next time, if a monkey wants my phone, it should just say so because it took some pretty nice photos!” commented Zackryds. Do you know the saying that if you had a million monkeys bashing at typewriters, they’d eventually write Shakespeare? Well, it only took one this time around.
We’re beginning to see a pattern here with monkeys taking selfies as British photographer David Slater had his camera picked up by a monkey named Naruto who also took a selfie. There was even an entire copyright dispute about it. See, see how mischievous monkeys can get?!

Zackryds shared with us the full video of the critter monkeying around

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What are your thoughts on this? Would you give your phone or camera to a monkey and see what happens? Let us know in the comment section below!