It seems like wearing a face mask should be a part of common sense by now. But some people are still finding reasons not to do so. And when it feels like this needlessly contentious issue is about to reach the boiling point, brave women are stepping in to clap back on the face mask debate.

In multiple tweets, new moms are sharing their experiences of delivering a baby while wearing a face covering. After all, if moms can wear one during infinite hours of labor, while having a c-section, and during exhausting days of recovery, these big guys getting a six-pack at the supermarket may as well do the same.

So let’s see what these women had to say, and forward the post to anyone who finds wearing a mask in public a burden.

New moms who wore masks through labor and delivery are sharing their stories to urge others to wear them in public

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Bored Panda reached out to Marley Hall, a midwife, mother of 5, and Instagram content creator, to find out more about the challenges new moms have had to go through when having a baby in time of crisis.

It turns out, wearing a face mask while in labor and delivery was just a tiny inconvenience to compare with other challenges they’ve had. Marley explained that “for many women who had written a birth plan prior to the pandemic, their choices were really limited and impacted.”

Restrictions were also placed on analgesia and water births were limited “due to infection concerns, which have impacted those who were hoping for those kind of births.”

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In addition, “Some women were not allowed to have a birth partner at all whilst other facilities are sending the birth partner home within an hour of the birth.”


Mothers who were confirmed or suspected to have Covid-19 were separated from their babies, which in turn, Marley explained, “can have a huge impact on bonding, postpartum depression, and breastfeeding.” It goes against the advice of the World Health Organization, which recommends that they should always remain together as long as the mother is well enough to care for the baby.


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When it comes to breastfeeding, Marley said that no sample of breast milk or amniotic fluid has been found to contain active coronavirus, which means “mothers are encouraged to still breastfeed their babies without fear of transmission.”


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More women joined in to comment and share their experiences

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And this is what people had to say