Welcome to my noisy, chaotic, fun, sleepless, love-filled life as a stay-at-home mom and photographer. All of these images were inspired (but exaggerated) from real adventures that I’ve had with my 2-year-old daughter. I shoot “Mom Life” series with my camera on a tripod.

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Peace & Quiet

If only I could get through one yoga session without Mia thinking I am giving out pony rides.

Baking Day

Mia insisted on doing all the baking for my birthday. Lucky me!

Getting Dressed

Independent kids: love it when they’re 18, dread it when they’re 2.

Back to School

I’d hate to imagine a world without coffee.


Mia always requires some form of fancy headgear during our tea parties.

Hide & Read

Mia’s favorite game lately is hide & seek. She’s still getting the hang of it, which works out great for me. Yesterday, I replied to all those texts I received a week ago, and read half an article!


My car was detailed yesterday, I am trying to break a record & keep it clean for 24 hours.

One Trip or Die

Who needs a gym membership when you can run errands with a toddler?

Busy Season

It’s good to have an extra set of hands around during the busy season.

Countdown to Santa

I did not appreciate my childhood holidays enough!

No Silent Nights

The holidays have come & gone, yet I’ve had so few “silent nights”.

New Year’s Resolutions

Mia is enjoying my New Year’s resolutions so much more than me.