“I think it’s safe to say my mom doesn’t trust me,” 18-year-old Kaelyn Demmon told Twitter on July 29th as she shared a text conversation with her mom, Heather Steinkopf. She was only watching movies with a friend, but her mom wanted to be 100% sure of that – and did so by requesting selfies that couldn’t be “photo-cropped.”

Steinkopf knows that teens keep a camera roll full of seemingly-innocent photos specifically for occasions like these, so she finds creative ways to get the proof she needs. “Get on her back and take another selfie,” she demanded of Kaelyn and her friend, Stevie Holbrook. The high school graduate has been burned before. “There have been times when I’ve said I’m at Stevie’s when I’m at a bonfire or something,” she told Buzzfeed News.  Steinkopf insists, however, that sometimes it’s just for her personal enjoyment, as she does trust her daughter. “I knew she was where she said she was, but it was more fun to keep her doing different things.”

Some people were quick to relate to the story, and thought of their own moms, and kids, immediately. Others, however, had mixed opinions on Steinkopf’s surveillance. See it all for yourself below, and tell us what you think at the end!

18-year-old Kaelyn Demmon and her mom, Heather Steinkopf, have recently gone viral – here’s why

Like any mom, Steinkopf likes to keep tabs on her daughter, but in a more ‘creative’ way

Some people are relating seriously hard to this girl and her detective-level mom

Others, however, felt Steinkopf’s actions were a little excessive

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