People often say that a mother’s love is unconditional. And it’s really hard to argue with that, considering all the nonsense moms have to put up with. Whether it’s endless whims, cries, screams, expensive gifts on their children’s Christmas wishlist, crazy fashion choices, hairstyles, etc., moms put up with all of it with the brightest smiles on their faces (okay, that’s an exaggeration) just because that’s what you do when you’re a mom. They’re even glad about every tiny achievement of their children, whether that would be a literal baby step or the most terrible yet hilariously funny portrait of them, ever. All that a mom sees is that its part of making progress and that’s all she ever wants for her child. That and getting some laughs out of the kid’s drawing, of course, especially if she’s a Redditor.

This woman decided that the best way to celebrate her kid’s artistic attempt is to recreate the portrait drawing with makeup, take a selfie with the artwork for comparison, and post it online for the whole world to admire. Reddit user 10fletcher decided this is more meaningful than recreating yet another makeup tutorial from YouTube and putting her makeup to better use.

Reddit user 10fletcher shared a photo of herself with an old watercolor painting her daughter Mia made as a kid saying, “My kid did this portrait of me over 10 years ago. I still look the same, IMO”

Image credits: 10fletcher

This mom’s daughter Mia drew a really funny drawing when she was a kid, underlining all the best features of her mom, such as undereye bags, dramatic black lashes, funny-looking eyebrows, and three lines of teeth. While she made sure to replicate the colorful drawing as closely as possible, going extra with the red lip and drawing singular eyelashes on her lids, we’re really missing the third line of teeth in her funny photo! The proud mom joked that while she didn’t really change much since her daughter did this drawing idea 10 years ago, she does “have one less eyelash now.” Her daughter was really amused when she found out about her mom’s post. “[There was] the usual eye roll at first, but she did get a good laugh and took a screenshot of Reddit to share with her friends. They all pretty much expect this sort of nonsense from me,” she said.

People fell in love not only with the portrait but with her sense of humor as well