Flying next to a crying child is terrible, but it’s even worse if the kid is yours. A mom named Kesha Bernard was flying from Seattle to Denver on July 29th when she noticed a single mom traveling alone with three little kids, and struggling to keep them all happy – most notably her fussy three-year-old daughter.

To make matters worse, take-off was delayed, making the plane full of grumpy passengers even less patient with the overwhelmed family. Bernard just couldn’t bear to stand by and watch the poor woman having such a hard time parenting, especially after witnessing a shockingly abusive act by another passenger. She stepped in to offer what the rest of the plane seemed to have forgotten the meaning of compassion.

After sharing her story on Facebook, Bernard went viral and has now earned over 193 thousand likes and almost 100 thousand shares. In addition to being an absolute sweetheart, she’s also a photographer and has two kids of her own. Read the entire touching story on random acts of kindness below, and share it with someone who might need their faith in humanity restored.

More info: Kesha Shonet Photography

This mom recently shared a different kind of ‘screaming kid on the plane’ story, and she’s going viral for it

“How we can ignore a human in distress beyond me”

“Please be kind. Please be considerate. Help one another… It makes everything easier”

As you’d expect, most readers gave this super-mom a standing ovation

Some people, however, felt her help was little misplaced

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