Every one of us has that special bowl, in which the soup is always more delicious, that one special plate, which we always place above the others. It’s not a secret that crockery isn’t any less important than the food we eat.

Two Lithuanian designers, Greta Urnieziute and Igne Alebaite are the creators of ceramics studio “Owls in bowls”. Due to the special combination of modern technologies and old traditions apparent in magical “Owls in bowls” crockery, lunch in the restaurant or cozy dinner at home becomes a ritual, which invites all the friends and close ones to gather together around the table.

“We want to encourage people to gather around the same table and communicate. This idea was the point of departure. When the chefs noticed us, we started orientating towards the clients of restaurants, too.” – say the creators. – “The culture of food for us is inseparable from the sense of sociality. Eating is not only for fulfilling the needs of the body, but also an emotional experience. Due to visual games of the textures and the crockery, we can make this experience totally different and dependant on the place, time, seasons. This is especially important for the chefs. Eating, just like every other ritual, consists from million details.”

Photo credits: Llamas’ Valley, Guoda Juceviciute