I am an artist from Dutch-Italian origin creating impressionistic oil paintings of landscape’s. My inspiration comes from the countries towns and landscapes through which i travel, from small Italian villages to the European wetlands and everything in between.
In my work the atmosphere of the landscape is much more important than the accurate representation of reality. I transform the landscape into a composition of shapes, lines, colors and contrast.
By using bright pigments i create vibrant colors which will remind you of later work of William Turner, By modeling the paint and pigment in layers as if it where clay i sculpture very atmospheric, sometimes translucent, images so that the original landscape comes to life. The richly applied paint and pigment result in to a thick layered painting with an amazing depth and texture which like a good wine will need time to fully appreciate.
Although undoubtedly modern the paintings also have a very ageless classic feeling thanks to the very beautiful „dutch” skies.

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Emiliana Cordaro


More info: cordaro.nl

landscape I, 110 x 70 cm


landscape II, 110 x 70 cm


village I, 100 x 100 cm


Village II, 110 x 110 cm

Village III, 100 x100 cm

Village IV, 130 x 80 cm

Village V, VI, VII, 30 x 160 cm