Many artists these days turn to technology for a creative outlet and make fantastic digital pieces so quality old school artwork is a breath of fresh air. 118k Instagram followers of Polish painter Damian Lechoszest agree. His mesmerizing portraits are incredibly realistic depictions of his models often in mysterious settings inspired by Polish traditions. Lechoszest juxtaposes the model next to the finished painting to show us the uncanny resemblance and rich details of each artwork.

“I work with these models. I don't paint from a reference found somewhere on the network. I spend days with them. For bigger paintings, I set up the whole scene in my studio so that they could always come to see the finished piece,” said the artist to Bored Panda.

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Although the paintings seem incredibly life-like, the artist incorporates elements of impressionism and abstraction into his works which becomes evident the closer you analyze each work. Besides depicting the reality around him, the artist tries to preserve a part of Polish culture which is slowly dying out through his timeless figurative paintings that often include traditions, rituals, classical clothing, and antique objects.

Lechoszest discovered his passion in his early childhood when he used to copy characters of comics and fairy tales and his sketches already showed great artistic potential. After private classes from a local art teacher in Baborów, he picked up painting classes at the Art College in Opole to perfect his technical skills and theoretical knowledge. He independently studied biology, psychology, and physiology of vision to understand the patterns of human visual and mental perception. Years of training, practice, and development lead to his masterful artwork which can be compared to the greatest names in the history of art.

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