The picture, as we know, does not record smell. And that’s one of the good points for this (very) good food photography series. Looking at these models’ favorite food can be a temptation for the stomach.

Then imagine if you could be in a picture of your favorite food? Photographer Junior Light took this idea seriously and turned models in their favorite foods.

We interviewed Junior Luz exclusively to find out the details of the realization of this project and plans for the future. “I always look at people and imagined their faces covered in food,” he says. The fun “CARA-COMIDA” (Face-Food) project brings a different vision of our desires and tastes”, – he says.

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Pinhão (Pinion)

Ovos (Egg)

Acelga (Chard)

Frutas Cítricas (Citrus Fruits)

Maçã (Apple)

Repolho Roxo (Purple Cabbage)


Cenoura (Carrot)