Ksenia Penkina is a talented chef from Vancouver, Canada. She creates one of the most unique effects with the chocolate glaze. It is absolute art! But what is more important – you never tried a cake so tasty before. Made from scratch using only natural ingredients. Inside of the cake you will find the most balanced textures: premium European flourless soft and crunchy biscuits, rich layers with berries or fruits, creamy layers, crisp and waffle, topped with soft and light mousses. All in one cake! Cakes are made in moulds and must be frozen prior to glazing. But after it is glazed and defrosted, it becomes not only a piece of art, but also the most amazing, soft, light, textured dessert you have ever had! What could be more? She teaches her techniques all around the world, ONLINE at her web site kseniapenkina.com. You don’t need any baking experience to create magic yourself! Enjoy!

More info: kseniapenkina.com