Helena Georgiou is a photographer from Cyprus, she studied interior design, journalism and photography.

Since 2011, she has showcased several group exhibitions in distinguished galleries around the world, such as the Papenhuder57 Gallery Germany, Parliamentarioum (Brussels), European Parliament (Strasbourg), Öffentliche Versicherung Braunschweig, German.

She has been nominated with important distinctions such as European Parliament photographic awards. (3 times), and from Sony Award Sony World Photography Awards.

Her portfolio includes: street photography, portraits of ordinary peoples, digital art (manipulation), architecture, minimal, still life, etc.

Georgiou work plays with minimal lines and shapes to create remarkable photographs.

Colors and patterns are also major components of her visual style, most of which she uses to integrate digital art techniques into her photography. And for those that she rendered in monochrome; imagination allows her to transform everyday scenes into dream-like images.