Ahmet Cambaz had a late start in the tattooing game, but has already proved himself as a formidable ink artist. After 7 years of doing cartoon work for an Istanbul-based magazine, a tattoo equipment set gifted to him in 2013 by his wife caused a shift in his creative vision, and his true craft began to shine through.

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Simple, yet sublime, the designs Cambaz produces have a distinctly modern feel, yet also remind us of the whimsical storybooks we used to read as children. "My tattoos are micro style, geometric, and direct," he told Vice Creators. "We are living in a complicated age. That's why I prefer to create minimalist lines in my pieces... Everything is now needing to become simpler." What the tattoos forgo in colour and convention, they make up for in quiet, understated beauty.

Enjoy some of this Turkish tattoo extraordinaire's finest work below, and tell us which ones you would book a flight to Istanbul to have inked on your skin for life.

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