During this quarantine period, I’ve had the chance to learn and experience the wonderful process of making miniature plant gardens at home. My mini gardens are mostly inspired by the visual concept of various fairy tales, so I call them “Fairy Tale Gardens.”

Since the start of quarantine, I have already gifted a couple of finished pieces to some of my close friends and I’ve even done some commissions for people who were willing to order from me.

To make my “Fairy Tale Gardens” come to life, I also have to make furniture and accessories. Most of these things are made from natural materials such as twigs, branches, and even dried parts of certain plants.

I find the whole process to be really relaxing, and at one point, I even jokingly considered changing professions, as the idea of making mini gardens seems much less stressful than the responsibilities of my everyday job.

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A custom made tiny garden

My first ever mini garden

Garden top view

Tiny swing chair covered in moss

Fairy swing

Home sweet home

Comfortable moss cushion chair

Minimalistic garden

Fairy village on the pine tree

Fairy village on the moss

Fairy house on the leaf