I introduce to you 'The Joy Of Seex’, a collection of dumb comics for smart people. My name is Daniel Seex, and this is my “joy” (if you have a silly name, best get out in front of it, I say).

I did a two-year course in Visual Communication at Telford College back in 2009, and I learned a lot, not least that I could get a cheap laugh out of people! The tragedy is I take myself very seriously as an artist and wish people took me as seriously as I do! I am an aspiring painter, not very good, but I can draw OK. You can visit my Instagram page and judge for yourself!

I’m running a Kickstarter for the Definitive Collection of 'The Joy Of Seex' Comics. When compiling the book, I’ve looked through all the comics I made, selected the best ones, and when I realised that wasn’t enough, I have produced new ones exclusively for the book! The book will have a hardback, between 120-140 comics, and it will be the ideal gift for that friend you have with the dark sense of humour. Kickstarter launches 4th April of 2023, and the supply is limited!

Not convinced yet? Jump right into my Kickstarter trailer!

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I’ve always been a doodler, I had a couple of miserable desk jobs in my early 20’s and I used a sit doodling on little scraps of paper most of the day. Then I went to college and started taking calling my doodles “illustrations”. They didn’t really start out as comics, they were just drawings which were kind of bleak and sometimes mildly amusing but I kept producing them and, through doing stuff like Inktober, I accidentally stumbled on a style that worked for me.

It’s all been very stop-start though, posting to social media eats away at me and I’ve never been 100% sure I’m comfortable with being the “funny guy” but people have always laughed at me so I figured I might as well be in on the joke. I also live in perpetual fear of offending anyone which isn’t ideal since quite a few of my comics are quite offensive.

A lot of inspiration comes from conversations with my wife. She has an incredible tolerance for me rambling on and on about some nonsense and occasionally, when I’d say something I think is funny, I’ll write it down (9 times out of 10 it isn’t that funny when I come back to it!)

Sometimes its a book I’m reading or something I’ve watched; I find life pretty absurd so there’s plenty to draw from (no pun intended). I recall Kurt Vonnegut's quote that goes something like: “Laughing and crying are both acts of desperation, I prefer laughing as there’s less cleaning up to do after” - I think about that a lot.

I've always been committed to using ink and paper! Drawing on paper is the thing I fell in love with, it's one of life's few genuine pleasures and, to me, that means a lot. It’s the thing you do as a child and I still like to get my fingers dirty working with paint or ink. It's an insane system (drawing on paper then scanning it), it’s time consuming and, since I've become a real paper snob, it’s expensive.

My advice to any young illustrator would be to try and do at least 30% of your work on paper, it teaches you to accept what you’ve done in a way drawing tablets don’t, and often it’s these eccentricities that make your work stand out, it’s what Bob Ross called “happy accidents” and accepting your flaws is not just an important lesson for an artist but also life. I'm a chaotic person, I'd like to be more in control but accepting the chaos and welcoming it into my work is helpful. That all got a bit philosophical.

I like really dumb jokes and I’ve been making new comics for the upcoming book and that’s been pretty fun. I’m excited, we’ll see how it goes. I'm keeping my expectations low so I’m not crushed by disappointment! I've got a really good support network of friends and family so I'm lucky it'll be fine either way...

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