"Coatlicue"- the mother serpent, the beginning and the end, a goddess from Aztec mythology. Living in Russia, I know very little about Mexico, besides a few stereotypes. So my Mexico is a drug lord- dangerous, beautiful and vicious. Slim and tall, she likes to wear classical men's clothes, like any proper high-class crime lord. The upper body is covered in Aztec-Mayan themed tattoos. She likes being elegant, and doesn't like to soil her hands and clothes in dirty jobs- that what the underlings are for, but if she must, then it will be bloody, showy and painful. And that's what the axes are for. She is also a poison expert- for both healing and killing. The snake is real and poisonous. Has territorial disputes with USA, but must acknowledge her power. You could say they are cooperating (in building walls, etc.), but will probably kill each other the first chance they get.


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Anastasia Bulgakova report