Claire McDonnell is 1 of 4 women among almost 60 men in a graduate science and finance program at the University of Iowa. And the minority have a problem.

“Some of us girls have the top standings in the program, and no matter how experienced we are, none of the men seem to take us seriously,” the 22-year-old told BuzzFeed News.

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McDonnell got reminded of that earlier this week, when she was on a Zoom call for a commercial underwriting group project. Her male classmates were repeatedly interrupting and shutting down her ideas. It got so bad, that the woman even began recording it.

McDonnell said she only planned to send the video to a friend and another woman in the program. But after she watched the clip back and thought, she thought it was such a great example of “how often this happens to women in a male-dominated field,” she posted it on her public TikTok account.

There, it immediately went viral, and has already been viewed over 2.5 million times.

@cleaselmy male classmates love listening to my input and letting me finish my sentences ❤️. true respectful kings 🥰. ##fyp ##womeninstem ##misogyny ##men♬ original sound – Claire McDonnell

Women from all fields have been relating to the video