Laura and Brayden Faganello may seem like an ordinary couple who just got engaged. However, those who are close to them already know that their story is far from ordinary. Since they met and fell in love three years ago, the pair has proven that some people are meant to be together and they cannot be separated by time, distance or even… memory loss.


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Recently, Laura Faganello announced her engagement explaining why she’s marrying her husband Brayden again

In 2016, Laura met Brayden for the first time and fell in love with him. Nearly three years after that, Laura found herself in a situation where she had no idea who Brayden even was. The couple had married the same year they met and 9 months after tying the knot, tragedy struck, putting their relationship on the line.

“A local wedding design/coordinator company hired me for the day to help set up an event. We were outside decorating the big event tent, but the company was running late and didn’t have the tent walls up. The wind was insane that day, everything was flying everywhere and shattering. Because everything was running late, there wasn’t a lot of care put into the safety measures. I was tasked with decorating the tables, so as I was arranging that I heard a gasp from the girls facing me. I looked up, and then heard (and definitely felt!) a loud thump on my head. A large pole (one that took two ladies to set up as it was so heavy and tall) had dislodged in the wind and fell right onto my head. My last clear thought was “that isn’t good….” After that, everything went fuzzy,” Laura told Bored Panda.

The horrific accident had extreme consequences. Laura woke up with only lasting memories of when she was 17 years old. All memories of meeting, falling in love and marrying Brayden were completely gone.

“Before the accident, I was one year away from graduating university. After the accident, I struggled to read, write, and speak coherent sentences, and my damaged short term memory caused me to forget everything I read within moments. I had to drop out of school. My pain levels were intense with absolutely no breaks for the first two years; I literally carried an airplane barf bag in my purse everywhere I went. The absolute worst part, though, was the memory loss. I would wake up and scream out of fear because I had no idea who my husband was. I would dread him coming home from work every day because then I would need to make small talk with him, just like you would with a stranger,” she explained.

Being married to a complete stranger took its toll on Laura, however, the strong woman refused to give up on her marriage. So, she decided to try to fall in love with him again.

“At the start of this journey, Brayden was quite rough around the edges. He was overwhelmed by having a wife that was so dependent on him, who didn’t even know who he was. There were many nights I cried myself to sleep. Eventually, he made a conscious choice to change that. He started being more gentle, loving, and selfless with me. He became my best friend as I started feeling like I could open up to him. We would go on endless drives, talking for hours. We binged The Office and Parks And Rec a million times. We could laugh for hours and not get tired of each other. I didn’t feel like I was in love with him, but I definitely liked him. So, I took off my rings, and I told him that I wanted to date him,” she said.

After starting all over again as strangers, Laura eventually started having feelings for him. “Brayden started leaving me cute notes on my bedside table every morning. I started asking him on fun dates. We would talk on the phone on his breaks, and do everything people who are newly dating would do. One day, I realized that I had started missing him every moment we weren’t together. Then, I found myself bringing him up to everyone I talked to like a teenage girl with a crush does, ” Laura said.

It took over two years for Laura to recover from the accident. And despite the fact that it tremendously changed her life, she didn’t give up and made the best of it. She fell in love with the same man she loved before, and even though her memories didn’t magically come back, she made new ones. “I started to love him again. The process took a while, but it was so incredibly worth it.”

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