In what looks like a fun play on Salvador Dali’s melting clocks, London-based Chilean artist Livia Marin has created interesting classic China porcelain pieces that seem to have melted and pooled on a hot summer day.

The melting ice porcelain pieces from her “Nomad Patterns” and “Broken Things” unique art series are unsettling because of the visual illusions it creates. What’s left of the pots, kettles and teacups look like the solid objects we’re used to, while the puddle of “melted” porcelain looks like vanilla ice-cream that has been left out in the sun too long.

According to the artists’ website, she focuses her art inspirations around exploring “the nature of how we relate to material objects in an era dominated by mass-production, standardization, and global circulation… The mode of address my work takes to the everyday is through the material objects which populate it and which I understand as embodied signifiers of the culture to which they belong.”

Marin is not the only artist we’ve covered that has taken vintage patterned classic porcelain, something most of us might consider to be our grandparents’ relict, and do some new and cool art with it. Evelyn Bracklow created classic antique porcelain pieces crawling with ants, and Johnson Tsang is hard at work creating living ceramic art for a more modern audience.

Source: (via: mymodernmet)