Ever dreamed of a fairytale that would come true or hoped to see that, against all odds, hope is not a mother of fools? Well, don’t dream any more – fairytale is here and it comes in a shape of a cat.

Few years ago computer programmer from Canada, Shelly Roche, started a non-profit organization called Tiny Kittens. TK is aimed at helping local feral cats and educating people around the world. Tiny Kittens watched closely a feral cat colony, gradually neutering it’s furry habitants. In July 2015 she noticed a small, emaciated kitten, who was missing his two back legs. Shelly immediately caught the baby (as well as his little brother, who wouldn’t leave his sibling’s side) and took them to the vet.

As it turned out, Cassidy was already 9 weeks old. He was extremely thin and suffering from critical infections in his stumps. How he survived is unknown, since only 25% of feral kittens survive, and Cassidy was severely disabled. What is known for sure is that he had a strong will to live, as well as a caring brother (who was then named Topper).

Cassidy was in good hands now, but the battle was not won. He had to fight a serious infection, which brought many sleepless nights to TK headquarters. Even his foster mum, Shelly, didn’t know if this fairytale would have a good ending.

But then, gradually, things started looking better. And better. And better. Cassidy decided life is too short to be sick. He started eating on his own, peeing on his own and teasing his older friends. Soon, he was all around the house.

Today Cassidy is almost 2 years old. And if you wondered, he’s not a laid-back, quiet veteran, by any means no. He is a Supercat.

He is also an ambassador for feral kittens around the world.

Visit Tiny Kittens website (www.tinykittens.com) or their youtube channel to learn more about Cassidy and his mission.

More info: youtube.com

Small kitten Cassidy and his helper Topper were found in a feral cat colony

Cassidy was missing his both back legs and suffering from a serious infection in his stumps

Thanks to Shelly Roche and her Tiny Kittens Rescue Cassidy survived against all the odds

Though smaller than others

He has a huge spirit…


And now Cassidy is flying. Behold, a SuperCat