While the novel coronavirus has changed the daily routines of many people across the globe with governments putting them in lockdown, people are still trying to find the best ways to carry on with their daily lives as normally as possible.

We’ve already seen many wholesome examples of people managing to have social experiences with as little risk as is still possible these days. However, one thing is certain—no place is safer than your own home. Therefore, the famous actor Matthew McConaughey figured how to brighten up Texan seniors’ days without taking them away from the security of their home and hosted a wholesome game of bingo online.

While many seniors are forced to isolate themselves completely, with no family visits or social events, Matthew McConaughey figured out how to brighten up their lives

Image credits: TheEnclaveatRoundRockSeniorLiving

While people of various age groups all across the world are quarantined or are self-isolating in order to avoid getting infected with the novel coronavirus, senior citizens are of particular concern. As they are at a higher risk of COVID-19 ending fatally if they get infected, many seniors have been forced to completely isolate themselves with no visits from family or friends. Furthermore, all the social events at retirement homes have been cancelled to avoid risks.

He and his family hosted a virtual game of bingo for a senior facility in his home state of Texas

Image credits: TheEnclaveatRoundRockSeniorLiving

Well, while it may all seem very grim indeed, actor Matthew McConaughey figured out the most wholesome way to brighten up the skies for a senior facility in his home state of Texas. Earlier this month, he tweeted a video urging people to “turn a red light into a green light” by taking care of ourselves and each other. It seems like he definitely found a way to turn on a green light.

The actor spent the weekend calling out bingo numbers for the residents of The Enclave Senior Living in Round Rock, Texas

Image credits: TheEnclaveatRoundRockSeniorLiving

McConaughey spent his weekend calling out bingo numbers with his family for the seniors living in The Enclave Senior Living facility in Round Rock, in his home state of Texas, via video chat so that seniors could enjoy their favorite social activity while staying safely isolated in their separate rooms.

The seniors all remained in the safety of their own rooms while participating in the most wholesome bingo experience via video chat

Image credits: TheEnclaveatRoundRockSeniorLiving

The seniors showed their appreciation by holding up bright green notes with personal thank-you messages for the actor after a facility worker said: “From all of us, we want to continue to turn a red light into a green light.”

The residents even had some notes prepared to thank the actor for the whole experience and it’s just the purest thing!

Image credits: TheEnclaveatRoundRockSeniorLiving

You can see the heart-warming moment here

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