Even though it might seem the idea that some things are purely masculine or feminine should be considered quite outdated in the 21st century, apparently not everyone has this same opinion. Furthermore, the ones claiming otherwise are, surprisingly, the youngest members of our society. Take this little boy, for example, who told his 5-year-old classmate that Star Wars is for boys only, after seeing her wearing Star-Wars-themed shoes that she picked out herself. Luckily, Mark Hamill himself had the best answer – Star Wars is for everyone!

This woman took to twitter after her 5-year-old daughter was told Star Wars isn’t for girls

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Mark Hamill, who portrays Luke in the franchise, came up with a witty response

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He made sure to point out the importance of its iconic female lead

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People jumped into the discussion, agreeing that Star Wars is for everyone

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Turns out, there are many adorable little Star Wars fans all over the world

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People settled the argument by pointing out franchise has more than one amazing female leads

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