The pandemic has changed our lives beyond recognition, and our jobs are no exception. Many employees feel overwhelmingly exhausted from the sheer length of it all. Add the yo-yo of good news followed by bad news, the pressure to get things in order with the kids and family, resuming some social life, and the anxiety of the unknown, just made it that many times harder.

So when Megan Witherspoon, a vice president of communications and mother of two, shared this heartwarming post on flexible work on LinkedIn, many people found it to be a breath of fresh air. By summing up what she ‘does care’ about employees and ‘does not,’ Megan showed how actually caring about your employees is what should be at the heart of every company.

Her post received 101,972 reactions and counting showing that it hit close to home for many current employees and job seekers on the platform.

Megan Witherspoon, a VP of communications, recently shared a post on LinkedIn that shows how caring about your employees and giving them flexibility is key

Image credits: Megan Witherspoon

Image credits: Megan Witherspoon

Many people supported Megan’s point of view and others shared their own experiences about working in a flexible company

Some were more critical of the flexible work model and claimed that it wouldn’t work for many jobs