The revenge of the nerds is almost complete. What began in the 80s, with the guys from the Lambda Lambda Lambda fraternity showing up the jocks for the dull, boring characters that they truly are, has now morphed into a full-blown cultural revolution. Now, it’s the alpha males who are struggling to find dates. 

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Sadly for the likes of Twitter user Stephen Vickers, the modern woman just doesn’t value basic qualities like physical protection and being ‘provided for’ the way that she used to– not even 700lbs of beef annually can replace a decent personality these days. What is the world coming to?

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Now, things may be different in Texas. It is an agricultural state with a large rural population that holds ‘traditional values’ close to their hearts, which is perfectly fine. But for those of us who have moved on, the tweet came across as a ridiculous reminder of the old days when it was what you had, not who you were, that decided your eligibility as a potential partner.

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The comments quickly began to pour in and didn’t disappoint, with Steve’s ‘I got beef’ brag coming in for a particular roasting.

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Because blaming women for one’s own inadequacies is always a major warning sign. When you are consistently not connecting with people, it is up to you to cultivate the kind of personality that makes you attractive!

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