Sthuthi was ecstatic when she realized the movie theater was full of her friends and family members

Image credits: Lee Loechler

Image credits: Lee Loechler

According to Lee, he had all of Sthuthi’s friends and family show up early at the movie theater. “Anyone she might recognize was seated in the back few rows. I worked with the projectionist to make sure all ambient lighting would be off when she entered, to help conceal the familiar faces. Unfortunately, the projector was so bright that the light from the screen still illuminated the whole room. To combat this, we decided to show trailers ahead of the film, which we manually darkened so there wouldn’t be as much light spill onto the audience. So at 7:30 PM when we walked into the room together, it was nice and dark as we found our seats.

“I’m sure there will be Disney elements to the wedding, but we’re still in the nascent stages of planning. That said, if Disney wants to chalk it up as marketing dollars and hook us up with an Aulani honeymoon, we are for sure not above selling out.”

Lee spent the last 6 months getting his proposal just right

Image credits: Lee Loechler

The scene that Lee changed with the help of illustrator Kayla Coombs was the one where Prince Phillip kisses Princess Aurora on the lips to awaken her. Only in the changed version, Prince Lee takes out a box with a ring and then tosses to real-life Lee who catches it.

We don’t know how many times Lee practiced doing everything perfectly, but we can say for sure that he pulled it off wonderfully. Cardiologist Sthuthi is one lucky girl!

Last year was the 60th anniversary of ‘Sleeping Beauty’s’ release. But you might find it strange to learn that ‘Sleeping Beauty’ wasn’t successful initially when released back in 1959. However, over time, it was re-released many, many times and became a big hit.

Critics praised ‘Sleeping Beauty’ for its colors, music, and charm, but some said that the animated film is too similar to ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.’ And there’s a very good reason for that. Some parts of the story were initially ideas from ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ that were discarded. Including Maleficent capturing Prince Phillip to the escape from her castle.

Dear Pandas, what did you think of Lee’s proposal? Are you at least a little bit jealous of Sthuthi (but in a totally good way)? Would you love to do something similar or do you have some other romantic ideas for a proposal? Let us know in the comments!

People adored how much effort Lee put into the incredibly romantic proposal

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