While the internet is vast and might seem like it consists only of memes, cute puppy pictures and political debates, every once in a while inspiring stories emerge and get the much-deserved spotlight. And even if they might not apply to everyone directly, some manage to have some great tips that can be applied to anyone’s life. This is one of such.

Suharto “Jao” Jundam recently celebrated his birthday and decided to share his success story with the internet. And the people on the net definitely appreciated what he had to say as the story quickly went viral with 100k likes and 47k shares. Jao detailed his journey from when he decided to move from his homeland, the Philippines, to Australia and all the hardships he encountered on his way to achieve dreams.

Bored Panda reached out to Suharto for more information on the post and he kindly replied with additional details. “I was born and raised in the Philippines but [am] currently living in Brisbane, Australia,” he explained. “I moved to Australia for a greener pasture,” the man went on to explain that the salary for nurses in Australia was much higher than back in Philippines.

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One man recently shared his hardships on his way to success abroad

“But don’t get me wrong, I love serving our countrymen. In fact, when I was still studying my nursing in the Philippines, I really tried my best to include myself in medical missions,” he wanted to clear up any doubts. “When I passed the board exam, I took a year off to conduct outreach programs in far flung elementary schools in the Philippines”. Jundam also shared that he planned on becoming a doctor and working in “barrios”, small villages in the Philippines. “But you know, when reality hits you and show you how hard it is really to live in the Philippines while working as an RN, you would choose practicality than your passion,” he said.

After many struggles and hardships that Jao detailed in his post, the man is currently in the position he once could only dream of. “I’m currently working as a registered nurse in Redcliffe Hospital,” the man said, “And as a nurse, our everyday work is far from being ordinary as we take care of different patients with varying medical needs”. Jundam also said that that’s exactly what he admires about such a job: “that’s what I love about my job: we really don’t know what to expect”.

When asked about what he believes in and what message he wishes to spread, Jao wanted to reiterate that while it might be extremely difficult to go for your dreams, in the end it’s all worth it. “It would take buckets of tears, sweat and even blood to follow your dreams and live the life that you want, especially in a foreign land,” he elaborated, “But all of the struggles and sacrifices you’ve made will mold you into a better version of yourself: someone who’s stronger and smarter, a better fighter. Like what I said, it will be hard, but it will be worth it”.

As for everyone’s feedback to the viral post? “Majority responded to it in a positive way as even though we have our own differentiating life problems, we all struggle,” Jao told Bored Panda. “And I think allowing my post to show that every hardship is a blessing afterwards made a lot of people look beyond the problems that they are facing and focus more on the goals that they are aiming”. He said that he’s proud to be a source of inspiration for many people.

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