Meet a Vietnamese man named Tran and his two cute dogs – Tony and Tiny. Two months ago, these miniature poodles, who are real lovebirds, welcomed a litter of puppies. All of them got adopted by Tran’s relatives, except for one – a furry doggie named Teddy.

Yup, this cute puppy stills lives with his parents, and there’s a lot of love in their family. The only thing, Tran likes to take his adorable dogs about everywhere he goes, so this posed a problem of how to transport the little one.

Luckily, the Vietnamese man came up with a brilliant idea. Tran grabbed his old denim jacket, grabbed a pair of scissors, and made a Teddy-size version of a dog backpack to be used by the parents. Yes, it did take some time to perfect it, but it was worth it – now Teddy enjoys being carried around and doesn’t need to miss out on any adventures. Sometimes the little one even gets a bit too comfortable and falls asleep.

The dogs’ owner couldn’t be more proud. “I love my cute animals,” he told The Dodo. “They are my family.”

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Meet Teddy, the baby dog who was the only one not to be adopted from this litter

As a result, the puppy is staying with his parents, Tony and Tiny at their owner’s house in Vietnam

Their human dad Tran likes to carry his dogs around wherever he goes

“I love my dogs… They are my family,” said the proud dog owner

That’s why he took his denim jacket, grabbed a pair of scissors…

And transformed it into a mini backpack suitable to carry Teddy around

Now the dog parents carry the little one wherever they go, and Teddy seems to enjoy it

In fact, sometimes the puppy gets so relaxed in a carrier, that he almost falls asleep

What a brilliant idea and what a wonderful family! These are definitely #familygoals