Yesterday, we brought you heroic stories of people selflessly helping others during Sunday night’s horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas. One such story was of 29-year-old former marine Taylor Winston, who took an empty truck with keys left inside, and used it to help victims in the most important way.

3 days after the harrowing events, the truck’s owner managed to get in contact with Winston, and has shared the texts they exchanged. Scroll down to find out what he said, and remember that hope can be found even in the wake of unimaginable tragedy.

Former marine Taylor Winston found and took an idle truck during the Las Vegas shooting

3 days later, he received this response from the commandeered truck’s owner

Image credits: Taylor Winston

Image credits: creepycatpms

In just 2 trips, Winston managed to drive over 2 dozen people to emergency care

Image credits: CBS News

While it’s still unknown how many of them survived, he’s being hailed as a true hero

Image credits: Taylor Winston

And most people admitted that they probably wouldn’t mind this guy taking their truck