Back in November 2019, I took a break from my job as a film producer and embarked on a solo trip to the world capital of porcelain—Jingdezhen, China. It was a journey that led me to discover this wonderful craft.

At the very beginning, I created my Instagram account just as a platform to document my journey and to track my progress. However, not long after, my posts started gaining some attention because it seemed that people really enjoyed watching my process videos and checking out the end result of my mini creations. This, in return, motivated me to continue with my practice after returning to my home country earlier this year.

Like most countries in the world, Singapore also went into a period of lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19 in the community, and it has affected my work process tremendously.

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Because of COVID-19, I was thrown into a situation where I no longer had access to traditional materials, working space, and equipment to practice my craft

I had to think of alternative ways to continue making mini pottery in order to upload more content to my Instagram and thus keep it active

As of today, I have designed and experimented with using alternative materials and techniques to create mini pottery directly on my desk

I have eliminated the traditional process of glazing and firing along the way

Moreover, I mix my own colored clay and I draw inspiration from our colorful world

Most of the colors I choose to stain my own clay are color pairings and combinations from things such as vintage toys, marine creatures, plants, minerals, and light itself

My practice in mini pottery has re-centered (pun intended) me on my outlook and values in life

Mini pottery, just like any other craft, requires countless hours of practice

It is a craft that requires you to experiment heavily so you can utilize the sense of touch to understand how clay can be shaped

Things like patience, an eye for precision, and a never-give-up attitude even if you fail are important qualities one must possess to proceed further

Mastery of techniques and craft is a lifelong journey

I am glad to have started a wonderful relationship with mini pottery and that my current circumstances have pushed me to innovate, develop, explore, and think out of the box. One day, I hope I can make mini pottery accessible to everyone. My main idea is to start selling kits for people from all around the world, as I would love to help them form their personal relationships with mini pottery.

In the near future, I am hoping to be able to upload educational material on my Instagram page, as I would love to share my knowledge on clay literacy and mini pottery with others.

Here are some videos that capture the process behind the scenes