Pets are our pride and joy – they provide comfort and companionship (and they just look cute in general). And naturally we are rooting for their happy ending; whether it’s a successful adoption or a daring rescue, as long as the pets come out on top, we tend to celebrate.

And it’s even more amazing when we’re faced with the aforementioned aspects, but the story also has an inspiring twist. That’s exactly the case with one of the doggies that will be coming to living in the White House. The brilliantly named Major Biden has a colorful life, and his success was celebrated by the rescue that took care of him before the Bidens.

Before inauguration, there was an “indoguration” for the First Dog, Major

Image credits: Delaware Humane Association

Major Biden, a dog whose humans are no other than Joe and Jill Biden, now holds the honorable title of the First Dog. In order to celebrate this momentous day, Delaware Humane Association held a virtual fundraising event, partnering with Pumpkin Pet Insurance. And there was much to celebrate, since Major will be the first presidential dog who came from a rescue program.

Major was a rescue dog before he became part of the Biden Family

Image credits: firstfamilydogs

Major is one lucky dog, that’s for sure. And no, it’s not just because he gets to live in the great big White House—it’s because he found his forever family and loving home! Major had to spend some time in a shelter before the Bidens took him in for fostering. It didn’t take long for the brilliant doggo to charm the hearts of his new family, and in 2018, he was permanently adopted.

The online event attracted 10,000 people and raised $200,000 for DHA

Image credits: NaomiBiden

The virtual event was hosted by Today’s Jill Martin and 10,000 people tuned in. Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi Biden, posted a heartwarming photo of the president and Major’s paw-brother Champ getting ready for “indoguration.”

The event featured plenty of guests, including Josh Groban

Image credits: firstfamilydogs

Various celebrity guests, including Josh Groban, made an appearance, further underlining the celebratory occasion. Groban sang a re-written version of “(How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window” by Patti Page, and even left a message for the viewers, saying, “In this crazy, insane, divided world, we need animals to bring us together.”

DHA Team were touched by the amount raised, promising to use it diligently

Image credits: firstfamilydogs

DHA’s executive director Patrick J. Carroll said, “Our DHA Team is truly astounded by the love and support we have received, in honor of Major.” The rescue promised to use the donations to help pet owners who’d fallen into hard times to care for their pets during this difficult time. Some of the fund will also be used to help more pets find their forever home.

The “indoguration” event celebrated Major while helping to provide for other rescue pets

Image credits: firstfamilydogs

“We celebrate each and every time one of the animals in our care finds its forever home, and this one calls for a special celebration! Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Indoguration and for the generous outpouring of donations. They will enable DHA to start this new year in a strong position, and will help so many animals and people. We are incredibly grateful.”

The two German shepherds of the Biden family will soon be joined by a cat

Image credits: firstfamilydogs

Major and Champ should soon get another sibling, a cat this time! The Bidens announced they are thinking of adopting a cat to join their family in the White House. The previous presidential cats that had such an honor belonged to George W. Bush and the Clintons. It isn’t known if the kitty will be a rescue or not, but knowing Biden’s track record, we can’t help but hold out hope!