“Magnitude” is a new series of environmental laser drawings produced during the residency with Epicenter Projects (Coachella Valley, USA) in June 2015.

I’m a Berlin-based artist pushing the boundaries of abstract beauty through cinematographic and scientific approaches. The long-exposure photographs were captured in collaboration with Epicenter Projects curator Cristopher Cichocki. Usually I’m creating sketches for all of my work – from films to installations, but they are never published.

Here, those drawings become the work itself. To begin with, I derived each laser pattern from creating digital line drawings: gestural markings suggestive of curve progressions seen within earth’s tectonic deformations or the magnitude in the Richter Scale. Later, these minimalist sketches were manipulated into complex transformation sequences scribed by the laser onto the canyons and the desert in the San Andreas Fault. This fleeting ,yet precise gesture of the laser choreography becomes a hybrid work of art at the intersection of seismology, performative drawing and laser interferometry extending upon the historic trajectory of Land Art in the American deserts.

More info: epicenterprojects.com