A place in Romania called Vama Veche where people come from all parts of the country and express themselves and have fun.

My name is Cosma Alexandru and through this photography project I wanted to put my passion to the test and tell everyone i am a photographer.

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Secretly sneak in and capture humans’s natural environment

The place is like a continuous party on the beach

You can bring your pet with you

I think this guy advertises hot ketchup

The place is full of loving and friendly people

This guy was singing along a Pink Floyd song

Here no one reproaches how you dress and you are appreciated for the way you express yourself

Some history over here

You get to see lots of these people around in the morning

A 10 year old doing a backflip

Love this one

Found a child of nature

In Vama Veche you will find lots of dogs

The view from my tent. Really nice song there

That’s me under the sheet

At the end of the night everyone gathered at sunrise to bear witness of its beauty