Tumblr users often find things to discuss and argue over. Yet sometimes, one user or another digs up something that other people don’t know and it starts a conversation where some express their disbelief while others try to shed some light on the subject to make it more understandable to the general public. Sometimes the users on the blue social media site band together to discuss survival bias and how it affects our lives, other times they try to explain how there is an ethical way to consume eggs and other produce.

This time Tumblr users gathered to discuss whether magenta is actually a color and if it exists. One user posted a strip of color asking for everybody’s opinion on “this shade of pink” and once another person responded by saying that it’s magenta and it’s not, in fact, a color, people truly lost their marbles.

One Tumblr user asked people what they think about magenta and it unleashed a wild discussion

According to Wikipedia, magenta is “is technically not a color, it has no wavelength of its own although it is classified as a color by many and it is easier to call it one.” And there is a lot of science behind it. Either way, pretty impressive what our brains come up with to explain things that don’t actually make sense or have no physical counterpart.