46-year-old Alwyn Wills from the Netherlands became internet famous after hatching a supermarket quail egg, and this time he’s back with a touching story about how he lost his chicken named Kippiekip (spoiler: happy ending). This birdie is not just any chicken – she is Wills’s friend and companion who visits him for cuddles and loves working with him when he’s doing something on the computer. The bird enjoys hanging out at his place and picks the most bizarre places to nest in.

“Kippiekip is a small chicken that nobody wants,” Wills told Bored Panda. “She is an accidental cross between two species of chickens and breeders only want perfect purebred chickens… Nevertheless, she has such a sweet character”. Wills adds: “For a cat or a dog it is ‘normal’ when they approach you to get some attention, but when a chicken does this it feels kind of special.”

Anyone wants a pet chicken?

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“I had a small pet chicken that I was fond of”

“Her name is Kippiekip. I like her a lot”

“Every morning she would wake up in her plant”

“She would come in to get some attention”

“We would work together”

“And then, a couple of weeks ago…”

“She didn’t come home. Sometimes she’s just a little late, so no worries”

“But then it gets dark, I searched for a long time and I couldn’t find her anywhere!”

“OK, now I really started to worry… After three days, still nothing”

“And then… When I wanted to cook my meal… I found her in a pan”

“Apparently, she’s trying to become a mother”

“But we don’t have a rooster. So the next day I got her some fertilized eggs…”

“21 days later, I heard something”

“The chick was ready to hatch, and Kippiekip started to help”

“After a week I put them outside. But it was too cold for the chicks”

“So now they all live inside the house… sleeping in Kippiekip’s plant”

Watch the video here: