Almost 20 years after the last movie screened in theaters and long after the books were published, The Lord of the Rings books and films still have a huge following and an established fanbase today. One of the most incredible things about literature and cinema is that they can bring people together from different walks of life and age demographics. Such is the case with Tolkien's fandom, which assembles everyone from young children to the middle-aged and even the elderly.

Therefore, if your friends or family are Tolkien fans or the Ringers, there's no better way to bond with kindred spirits than to host a trivia game answering The Lord of the Rings trivia questions! Whether to find out who is the most faithful Ringer or the most attentive one, LOTR trivia questions will help to pick the winner.

Below, we've compiled both medium-level and hard Lord of the Rings trivia questions and answers to test your knowledge of one of the world's most famous fantasy worlds. Whether you have watched the trilogy or read the books, Tolkien-themed trivia questions will take you back to the home of Middle-earth just one more time.

How many of the LOTR trivia questions and answers below came as a surprise to you? Did you learn anything new? Let us know! Also, if you are a Star Wars fan, go ahead and check out these Star Wars trivia questions with answers!


Gandalf destroys what after the Battle of the Hornburg?

Answer: The staff of Saruman.



How many rings (Great Rings) were given to the race of Men?

Answer: Nine rings.



In "The Fellowship of the Ring", the witch king easily evades a torch held by who?

Answer: Aragorn.



After being crowned king, who did Aragorn bow before?

Answer: Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin.



Who is responsible for healing Merry of the Black Breath?

Answer: Aragon.



Name the last war against the armies of Mordor.

Answer: The Last Alliance of Men and Elves.


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This is right just if you don't consider The War of the Ring


Who, at Amon Hen, tried to take the ring from Frodo?

Answer: Boromir.



Who says 'Even the very wise cannot see all ends'?

Answer: Gandalf.



Do not let our height fool you, For we are bold, brave and strong. Yet we do admit, that at one time, We thought mingling with Elves was wrong. Who are we?

Answer: Dwarves.



Who is the ultimate lord?

Answer: Eru Ilúvatar.



What was the name of Sam's favorite pony?

Answer: Bill.



Who is the Elven character who is the Sindar Elf of the Woodland Realm?

Answer: Legolas.



What is the name of Frodo's gardener?

Answer: Samwise Gamgee.



What does Pippin steal at the beginning of the film?

Answer: Gandalf's giant dragon firecracker and plants.



After he died, when did Gandalf return back to life?

Answer: 20 days life.



What is the name of Gimli's father?

Answer: Gloin.



What is the name of the Elven character with the blonde hair and blue eyes who was lethal with a bow and charming with his looks.

Answer: Legolas.



In the scene The Account of Isildur, what year of the Second Age does Gandalf speak of?

Answer: 3434.



What are the wolf-like animals that attack Theoden and his people called?

Answer: Wargs.



What is the name of Gandalf's horse?

Answer: Shadowfax.



What was the name of the ancient sword that cut the One Ring from Sauron's hand?

Answer: Narsil.



Where was Fangorn Forest located?

Answer: Beneath the southeastern Misty Mountains.



What type of bread are Sam and Frodo eating at the beginning of "The Two Towers"?

Answer: Lembas bread.



Which actor plays Bilbo's character?

Answer: Ian Holm. Report


What was the name of the inn in the village of Bree?

Answer: The Prancing Pony.



What was the real name of Mount Doom?

Answer: Amon Amarth.



What is the name of Arwen's father?

Answer: Elrond.



Whose life did Pippin save by telling Gandalf of Denethor's madness?

Answer: Faramir.



In Gondor, who did Pippin meet and become friends with?

Answer: Beregond.



Who did Pippin marry?

Answer: Diamond of Long Cleeve.



What character says, "I would rather spend one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone"?

Answer: Arwen.



Who was Sam talking to when he said, "Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn't"?

Answer: Frodo.



Who released King Theoden from the spell of Saruman, which caused his appearance to make him look much older than he is.

Answer: Gandalf.



What marks the end of the Third Age?

Answer: The Third Age ended when Sauron is killed after the One Ring is destroyed.



During Bilbo’s birthday party, who were tasked to wash the dishes for stealing some fireworks from the back of Gandalf’s wagon?

Answer: Merry and Pippin.



Who did Sam eventually marry?

Answer: Rosie Cotton.



Which armies participated in the Battle of Isengard, also known as the Destruction of Isengard?

Answer: The Ents versus Sauron’s forces.



What are the names of the two towers?

Answer: Minas Tirith and Minas Morgul.


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Always thought there were Orthanc and Barad-dur. Cit. from Wikipedia: "In letters to Rayner Unwin, Tolkien considered naming the two as Orthanc and Barad-dûr, Minas Tirith and Barad-dûr, or Orthanc and the Tower of Cirith Ungol. However, a month later, he wrote a note published at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring, and later drew a cover illustration, both of which identified the pair as Minas Morgul and Orthanc."


My hair is white and my feet are long, to keep this Ring longer, would be terribly wrong. Who am I?

Answer: Bilbo.



Who, even on his day off, always rode a horse to practice horseback riding and to bond with his horse?

Answer: Aragorn.



He was the only member of the Fellowship to have his boat sunk twice, while shooting and rehearsing the boat scenes in "The Fellowship of the Ring".

Answer: Legolas Greenleaf.



"The Two Towers" contains the battle for Isengard, where Treebeard and the other Ents destroy the Uruk-Hai factories in a way resembling Operation Chastise performed by British bombers on May 17, 1943. How did the Ents defeat the Uruk-Hai and destroy their factories?

Answer: By busting a dam.



Which forest was known for being the last habitation of the Ents and Huorns?

Answer: Fangorn Forest.



Who were the nine Fellowship of the Ring heroes that represented the Free Peoples of Middle Earth?

Answer: Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli, Aragorn, Boromir, Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin.



What is Bilbo's relation to Frodo?

Answer: They are cousins.



On what date was Bilbo's birthday party celebrating his 111th?

Answer: September 22, 3001.



Where was the Ring of Power forged?

Answer: In the fires of Mount Doom.



What is the name of the giant spider in "The Return of the King"?

Answer: Shelob.



Which actor plays Frodo's character?

Answer: Elijah Wood. Report


Who does Aragorn summon to the Stone of Erech?

Answer: The army of the dead.



Who says the line, "A wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to"?

Answer: Gandalf the Grey.



Who carries Pippin away after mistaking him to be the Ring-bearer?

Answer: The Uruk-hai.



What is the Elvish word for "friend"?

Answer: "Mellon."



Name Gollum's friend and cousin.

Answer: Déagol.


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Smeagols friend and cousin..


Why didn't Sauron destroy Mount Doom?

Answer: He believed no one would want or be capable of destroying the Ring.



How many years did Gollum hold onto the ring?

Answer: 478 years.



How old was Gollum when he died?

Answer: 589 years old.



What is Gollum's other name?

Answer: Sméagol.



What does Arwen's name mean?

Answer: "Royal Maiden."



In what year of the Third Age did Arwen meet Aragorn?

Answer: 2951.



How did Arwen die?

Answer: Of a broken heart.



Who did Galadriel get married to?

Answer: Celeborn.



Merry was one of the largest hobbits in history for what reason?

Answer: He drank Ent-draughts.



How many Academy Awards did "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy win?

Answer: 17 out of the 30 the movies were nominated for. Report


What does the very beginning of "The Fellowship of the Ring" book talk about?

Answer: The mystery of Bilbo Baggins' longevity.



What fake name does Frodo use while leaving the Shire?

Answer: Mr. Underhill.



When was "The Fellowship of the Ring" book first released?

Answer: July 29, 1954. Report


What is the name of the fictional demon in Tolkien's Middle Earth?

Answer: Balrog.



Which are referred to as the Two Watchers that form an invisible barrier that couldn’t be passed through?

Answer: Carved statues on the entrance to the Cirith Ungol Tower.



Who was sent to Rivendell by Denethor to find answers about a dream he had.

Answer: Boromir.



Which woman was Sam talking about in The Green Dragon.

Answer: Rosie Cotton.



Who gave Frodo Baggins the Phial of Galadriel?

Answer: Elf-queen Galadriel.



In the War of the Ring, which forest does Saruman order the Orcs to cut down?

Answer: Fangorn Forest.



What is the name of the fictional metal which the armored chain shirt of Frodo made from?

Answer: Mithril.



What frightened the Orcs in the Mines of Moria?

Answer: Balrog.



Who gives Aragorn the remade sword and asks him to take the Dimholt road to summon the Army of the Dead to fight for him?

Answer: Elrond.



In ‘The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King,’ which city does Faramir try to save?

Answer: Osgiliath.



When the Elves leave Middle Earth in ‘The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers.’ where do they go?

Answer: The Undying Lands/Valinor.



Step into the forest now And sit beside a tree. Wait there for a thousand years And still living I may be. Who am I?

Answer: Galadriel.



I've got scruffy black hair, with the elves I have lived. I love an elf princess and aid I do give. Who am I?

Answer: Aragorn.



In which "Lord Of The Rings" movie do we hear the line, "Release the river"?

Answer: "The Two Towers". Report


We ride on dark-haired stallions Our leader is the Witch King. We always chase the Hobbits And try to capture the Ring. Who are we?

Answer: Ringwraiths.



What sort of animals sometimes tickle Treebeard?

Answer: Field mice.



When they are looking down at the Black Gate, which Hobbit does Sam mention by name?

Answer: The Gaffer.



I am the Elf in Lothlórien who showed the company to Galadriel and Celeborn.

Answer: Haldir.



Which of these movie characters did not appear in Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' novels?

Answer: Morwen.



Ext., City Two guards stand watch in front of a large pile of wood. A hobbit approaches and wishes to get closer to the pile, but is denied. Guard: "By order of the Steward of Gondor, you shall not pass." Who had to take an alternate, sneaky, route to get to this pile of wood to take an important action against the wishes of the city's ruler?

Answer: Peregrin Took.



Howard Shore explains that Rivendell is portrayed as a place of higher learning, while Lothlorien is portrayed as a mysterious and exotic place. What else does he say about the Elves' music in the movies?

Answer: The music is scored primarily for women's voices.



The prosthetics worn for his role had harsh effects on the skin around his eyes; it peeled off and turned pink!

Answer: Gimli, son of Gloin.



What is the name of the volcano used to film Mount Doom?

Answer: Mount Tongariro.



Which place in Middle Earth is famous for its horses?

Answer: Rohan.



In "The Two Towers", Aragorn is dragged over a cliff after a fight with a Warg-rider. Who is it that finds him?

Answer: Brego.



In "The Two Towers", name the breakfast item Smeagol brings to Frodo that Sam cooks.

Answer: Rabbits.



In "The Return of the King", we learn how Smeagol became Gollum. It starts with an incident that reminds me of Genesis, chapter 4. What does Smeagol do in the opening chapter of "The Return of the King"?

Answer: Kills his "brother".



"He is passing over to the ___ ___. He will soon become a Wraith like them."

Answer: Shadow world.



Who says 'There is no life in the Void'?

Answer: Sauron.



Which of the following does Bilbo not mention as being loved by Hobbits?

Answer: Dancing.



In "The Two Towers", what provokes Treebeard into attacking Isengard?

Answer: Destroyed forest.



Where does Deagol first find the ring?

Answer: Riverbed.



In "The Fellowship of the Ring", Frodo is passing into the shadow world after being stabbed by a Witch-King with a Morgul blade. Aragorn uses what to help slow down the poison?

Answer: Athelas.


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In the "Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition," Bilbo is seen talking to a mother with several children. What was her name?

Answer: Mrs. Bracegirdle.



Why do the elves leave Middle Earth?

Answer: Because the Valar were spiritually calling them to their ultimate destiny.



Who gave Frodo Baggins the One Ring?

Answer: He inherited it from Bilbo.



Frodo fought bravely against which character to protect the One Ring?

Answer: Gollum.



Why was Bilbo Baggins picked by Gandalf to help the Dwarves?

Answer: Unknown reasons.



What were Gandalf and Frodo riding at the beginning of the film?

Answer: Gandalf's wagon.



When was "The Fellowship of the Ring" movie released?

Answer: 2001. Report


What does the Witch King stab Frodo with?

Answer: A Morgul-blade.



When was "The Two Towers" movie released?

Answer: 2002. Report


Who kills Grima?

Answer: Legolas.


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Who tells Aragorn about the Black Ships?

Answer: Gandalf and Elrond.



Who did Pippin dance with in the Golden Hall?

Answer: Merry.



Which character does "Return of the King" refer to?

Answer: Aragorn.



After placing a helmet on Merry's head, what does Eowyn call Merry?

Answer: "A true esquire of Rohan."



Which actor plays Merry Brandybuck?

Answer: Dominic Monaghan. Report


Which character did Peter Jackson portray as a hero of the monomyth that wasn't portrayed in the books?

Answer: Aragorn.



Which actor played Samwise Gamgee?

Answer: Sean Astin. Report


Who does Christopher Lee play in the movies?

Answer: Saruman. Report


Which character does Andy Serkis play?

Answer: Gollum. Report


Where was Helm's Deep located?

Answer: In the White Mountains below the Thrihyrne.


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What battle took place in Helm's Deep?

Answer: The Battle of the Hornburg.



What was unique about Mount Doom?

Answer: It was the only place the Ring can be unmade.



Of what race is Gimli?

Answer: Dwarf.



Why was Gimli chosen to be part of the Fellowship?

Answer: To represent his race.



Where was Pippin captured by Orcs?

Answer: At Parth Galen.



Who is Galadriel's father?

Answer: Finarfin.



Which of the rings did Galadriel have?

Answer: Nenya.



When was Galadriel banned from returning to Valinor?

Answer: At the end of the First Age.



What was the name of Merry's mom?

Answer: Saradoc.



Who was Merry the esquire of?

Answer: King Theoden of Rohan.


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What did the Goblins call Thorin's elven sword?

Answer: Biter.



What was the most successful "Lord of the Rings" trilogy movie?

Answer: "The Return of the King". Report


What do Tolkien fans nickname themselves?

Answer: Tolkienists.



Which Ent carried Pippin and Merry through Fangorn Forest?

Answer: Treebeard.



In ‘The Hobbit,’ what was the name of Thorin’s Elven sword that originally came from Gondolin?

Answer: Orcrist.



What happened to Lobelia Sackville-Baggins after the War of the Rings?

Answer: She died and donated her money to help the Hobbits affected by Lotho – her son.



In ‘Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,’ Bilbo gives Frodo a powerful sword named “Sting.” This weapon has the magical ability to glow blue when which specific race is nearby?

Answer: Orcs.



What is the name of the bridge that Gandalf destroys in the battle with Balrog?

Answer: Khazad-dum bridge.



What was the name of Boromir’s brother who died en route to Mordor When the Fellowship was torn?

Answer: Faramir.



Name the Lord and Lady of Caras Galadhon.

Answer: Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel.


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Name Sauron’s second-in-command.

Answer: The Witch-King of Angmar.



Who are the two war of the ring heroes?

Answer: Boromir and Faramir.



From where did Andy Serkis get his inspiration for his character's trademark "Gollum, Gollum" cough?

Answer: A cat coughing up a furball.



I scream like a girl and am helped by Strider, This burden that I bear, must be cast into fire. Who am I?

Answer: Frodo.



One particular area was used in creating two sets. What were the two sets or locations in Middle Earth that utilized the same place, with the sets being built and torn down one after the other?

Answer: Helm's Deep and Minas Tirith.



Shiny and round I taunt your mind, slip me on and you'll be hard to find. I am the one...

Answer: Ring.



I reside in Mirkwood and my hair has a glow, Yet do not test my fighting skills, For I'm lethal with a bow. Who am I?

Answer: Legolas.



What special instrument did the composer choose to highlight the theme of Smeagol/Gollum?

Answer: Dulcimer.



"One if by land, two if by sea". Thus was the signal given from Boston to the American rebels in Lexington and Concord. In Middle-Earth, communication was a bit simpler. What did it mean if the beacon of Amon-Din was lit?

Answer: Enemy troops march into Gondor.



Who provided the voice for Frodo in the animated "LOTR"?

Answer: Christopher Guard. Report

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Who plays Peregrin Took?

Answer: Billy Boyd.



Our shiny, sleek coats can be black, brown or white, we are strong and quite quick, you ride us while you fight. Who are we?

Answer: Horses.



She said she loved playing in "The Lord of the Rings" because she thought her character brought a "Real touch of femininity to Middle-Earth."

Answer: Arwen Evenstar.



I sing like an angel but am a princess by blood, upon the evil ringwraiths I launched a horse river flood. Who am I?

Answer: Arwen.



I accidently knocked a piece of armor down the well in Moria!

Answer: Pippin Took.



Which character almost drowns at the end of "The Fellowship of the Ring"?

Answer: Sam.



We travel through many places in Middle Earth during the journeys of the 9 members of the Fellowship, but what location do we not see in all 3 movies?

Answer: Edoras.



On what date does Frodo wake up and find he is in Rivendell?

Answer: October 24.



What are the enormous animals that Frodo, Sam and Gollum see in "The Two Towers" called?

Answer: Oliphaunts.



We're dark and we're ugly and were birthed out of mud, we obey the dark wizard and our taste buds crave blood. Who are we?

Answer: Uruk-hai.


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When Merry is trying to explain to Treebeard which race he and Pippin are, which term does he not use?

Answer: Little People.



Sam is in love with me and secretly I'm in love with him!

Answer: Rosie.



He was most afraid of taking helicopters to the filming locations, particularly the mountain scenes in "The Fellowship of the Ring".

Answer: Boromir, son of Denethor.



Who composed the musical score for the first movie in the trilogy?

Answer: Howard Shore. Report


Int., Cave In the midst of a veritable necropolis, a pale green figure rises from the skulls, only to be joined by hundreds more, all ghosts of traitorous warriors. Ghost: "You have entered here, but you shall not pass!" Which three persons have so disturbed the unrest of the spirits?

Answer: Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas.



In both Tolkien's book "The Two Towers" and the Peter Jackson movie, the fortress of Helm's Deep is breached by an incendiary device placed in a culvert. What happens in the animated version?

Answer: Saruman flings fire from Orthanc Tower.



Who provides the voice of Fangorn, A.K.A. TreeBeard?

Answer: John Rhys-Davies. Report


Who trained dogs called wolf hounds?

Answer: Huan.



Which movie does the Fangorn Forest first appear?

Answer: "The Two Towers".



How many members are in the Fellowship of the Ring?

Answer: Nine.



What was the name of the evil overlords who tried to take control of all Middle Earth?

Answer: "Dark Lord."



Why were the hobbits affected by Sauron's One Ring?

Answer: They do not crave power or have a desire to rule over others.


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I guess there is is an important word missing "not", why where they not affected. But that wouldnt make sense as well as bilbo and frodo are immensely affected by the burden of the Ring. Even sam is affected.


When was Frodo stabbed?

Answer: During his journey to Rivendell with the One Ring.



At the beginning of his venture out of his home, who met Frodo on the edge of the Shire?

Answer: Gildor Inglorion.



Which actor portrayed Gandalf?

Answer: Ian McKellen. Report


Where is director Peter Jackson from?

Answer: New Zealand. Report


Where does Bilbo find Sméagol?

Answer: The Misty Mountains.



After Galadriel asks Gimli what gift he wants, what does he say he wants?

Answer: A strand of her hair.



What is the secret password in Elvish language that caused the Doors to swing open?

Answer: "Speak friend and enter."



Which movie franchise was heavily influenced by "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy?

Answer: "Star Wars". Report


How many Academy Awards did "The Fellowship of the Ring" win?

Answer: Eight. Report


Who wrote "The Lord of the Rings" books?

Answer: J.R.R. Tolkien. Report


How did Farmer Maggot protect the Bamfurlong farm from people?

Answer: By placing three trained dogs called Wolf, Fang, and Grip.



Which ancient sword is known to be made by Telchar of Nogrod?

Answer: Angrist.



In what place was the set of Hobbiton village taken?

Answer: In the hillsides of the Waikato, Matamata (Northern New Zealand).



Name Sauron’s fortress in Mordor.

Answer: Barad-dûr.



Who used to own the Ring of Power until Bilbo Baggins picked it up in the cave?

Answer: Gollum/Sméagol.



What do you call the race of near-primordial spirits descended into Arda to shape the World with Valar, which Sauron used to belong to?

Answer: Maiar.



I appear extremely old and worn But I'm still quite quick on my feet, I never lose hope, or stop fighting in war, until my task is complete. Who am I?

Answer: Gandalf.



I traveled with the Fellowship, With Wizards and Elves who are feared, But then suddenly, I was captured by Orcs, Yet eventually saved by Treebeard. Who am I?

Answer: Merry.



I am a rather respected Elf Who feels Dwarfs are a royal pain. Then the day I helped to fight at Helm's Deep I was, most unfortunately, slain. Who am I?

Answer: Haldir.



Where was Mordor, Emyn Muil filmed in the movies?

Answer: Taupo Region.



Which of the following items did none of the Hobbits receive as a gift from the Elves of Lorien?

Answer: Pipes.



Prior to the concert, the composer states that the approach for the Mines of Moria segment should be "Rough and primal... very aggressive." Whom is he speaking to?

Answer: Members of the choir.



For a number of reasons the original artist produced only one "LOTR" animated movie that ended with the battle of Helm's Deep. Who came out with the animated "The Return of the King"?

Answer: Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass.



My mind is playing tricks on me, I seem evil but I swear I'm not! I only want the Ring, you see And for that I've devised a plot. Who am I?

Answer: Gollum.



I was banished from my own kingdom By a wormy little traitor, I had to leave my uncle and sister But knew I'd see them later. Who am I?

Answer: Eomer.



Who directed "The Lord of the Rings" movies?

Answer: Peter Jackson. Report