Of course not, but these would be our first three immediate associations when it comes down to the captivating capital city of Cuba, the beautiful and warm Havana. Our next associations naturally would be rum, cigars and of course Castro. Hence, the feel of some sort of general nostalgia about the world in its old days, as the above mentions associations are as old as a century.

The ideas of Cuba about being the country of sun, warmth, rum, cigars and communism have created the perplexed image of stillness that lingers on in our mind once somebody mentions Havana or Cuba.

But there are many other stories that will trigger your curiosity. Like the one on a quite a windy day on June 29 in 1856, when the strangest thing happened at Parque Central. A hot air balloonist wanted to ascend to the skies exactly from the Parque Central. It would be his second attempt to fly at all. The day would be much windy and he would until twilight hours to conclude that the weather is better and that he can hop on the balloon. But as he ascended to the sky, he was never to be seen again. It is still one of the most bizarre events that Havana knows about.

More info: thiscityknows.com

An old postcard of Parque Central, Havana from the 1910’s when the city also survived a hurricane

An Old Postcard of Colombus Park in Havana

Havana also have a park named after John Lennon with a statue of the Beatles singer, of course, because Castro really liked him.

An old photo of the National Theater in Havana (1920), that depicts the dominant colonial architecture of the captivating capital of Cuba

Boys Playing Stickball in Havana, Cuba (1999) & what is the depiction of the street spirit that never dies in Havana