Those of us who have spent some time in London know that property prices there can be completely bonkers. You’d think that if you’re paying an arm and a leg for an apartment, you’ll at least live like a noble. Unfortunately, huge prices don’t guarantee quality.

Case in point, Richard Brooks’ post on Twitter went viral after he shared photos of a ridiculously bad studio apartment listing. The asking price? 200k pounds (nearly 255k dollars). It’s a humongous amount of money and Twitter users posted all the different amazing properties you could buy for that price elsewhere. And it’s got us thinking: why live like Oliver Twist in London when you can live like Queen Victoria elsewhere?

Richard Brooks showcased the type of horrible apartment you can buy in London for a huge amount of money

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Here’s what the building looks like from the outside

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And here’s a short tour of the inside

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Tiny, isn’t it?

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The studio apartment’s features aren’t exactly inspirational

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Kensington and Chelsea is a great borough but the prices can border on extortion

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Here’s the apartment plan

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Plenty of people could relate to Richard’s post because of how expensive apartments are in London. His thread got more than 52.4k likes and over 8.7k retweets and comments and Richard used the attention to spread awareness about all the ways that you can help the Black Lives Matter movement.

As amazing as London is, the cost of property in the city is getting ridiculous. News Anyway reports that the average house price in London was 472,901 pounds (over 603k dollars) in November 2018, more than double the United Kingdom’s average.

The result is that there are fewer young first-time homebuyers in London and their average age has risen to 34 in some parts of the city.

People posted what properties you can get elsewhere for the 200k pounds it would take to buy the small studio apartment

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There are several reasons why homes are so expensive in the capital of the UK. First of all, there’s a limited supply of new apartments and houses, even though the population keeps growing by leaps and bounds. In other words, the supply can’t keep up with the huge demand, so prices go up.

Secondly, London is full of people with lucrative careers, so some of them can obviously afford to pay the extortionate property prices. Third of all, rich people from overseas see houses and luxury apartments in London as great investments (even if they don’t live there or rent the properties out for fear of reducing their value).

So if you want to live a quality life in the UK, you might just want to spread your gaze wider and aim for a great apartment or house further away from London.

Here’s what other people said about the British housing market

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