Today skyscrapers are as signs of country power and wealth. It is an impact for big cities to compete in heights and architectural design level.

‘I started taking pictures of skyscrapers and collecting them together. Tried to give the same environment to compare architectural faces and give them some sticky mood’.

What skyscraper basically is? Skyscraper is a tall, continuously habitable building having multiple floors. It is covered with glass. Basically, it has a shape of stick. Let’s see.

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Sticks of Vilnius || 1

Europa tower

Sticks of Vilnius || 2

Raddison blu hotel

Sticks of Vilnius || 3


Sticks of Vilnius || 4

Sticks of Vilnius || 5

Building of Vilnius City Municipality

Sticks of Vilnius || 6

Vilnius Gates

Sticks of Vilnius || 7

Helios City

Serie “Sticks of Vilnius”