Right after I got married I always wanted a daughter, I kept browsing the cute mother-daughter pictures. Quite often I caught myself imagining getting pretty dresses, hair accessories, adorable shoes, bags for my little Diva. It was like a dream and guess what? The dream coming true was like achieving a medal. So when my daughter turned 6 we started with an outfit which didn’t really cost much and went for the shoot.

We couldn’t get over the attention we gathered, my daughter was so overwhelmed with everyone taking pictures of her and hence just to be the little inspiration for all the beautiful mom and daughters, we kept it on. Though daughters are equally close to dad, but daughters can be more fashionista with moms after all. And for that the credit goes to my husband for taking all these pictures and having patience with women tantrums.

What do you think about this adorable pictures of Mom & daughter duo?

Lucky One’s

Our Little World

Worth It!

Right There


Let’s Just Smile!

And Smile A Little More